America to ICE: We Don’t Care What You Think..Just Do Your Job

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It is now more obvious that America is being invaded from within.  Not only does our current administration allow us to be verbally accosted by the president of the same nation that has threatened our security and economy in our legislative halls, the head of a Federal Agency is threatening to refuse to work with Arizona in registering and deport illegal aliens sent by the state because he “doesn’t like the law” they have a right to create and enforce.  An official of the Immigration Customs Enforcement Agency, John Morton, is stating he may begin to ignore the state’s needs regarding illegal aliens if the border crossing criminal was taken into custody by Arizona within the statutes of the legislation.

First of all, there should not be any picking and choosing which illegal alien to be registered and deported nor should there be any line between who should be returned to their home country or not.  Further, not only does the law he is referring to have, according to polls, more favorability by the nation he was sworn to protect with every passing day, there is nothing in his rights in abilities as Director which allow him to even hint at ignoring a state for any reason.  It must also be stated again that the law is not new, but a reflection of federal rights which Obama and his cronies have no time to enforce.

Suddenly, Assistant Secretary Barone seems to believe he knows best when it comes to our national safety and because of his personal feelings will actually refuse to do a very large factor of his job because he doesn’t appreciate the actions of a certain state.  A spokesman for the I.C.E. agency recently stated that the organization is reviewing the legislation in order to “determine the policy going forward”. There is nothing in the Immigration Customs Enforcement’s objectives which state that they will assist state’s only if they like them or their laws nor is it a right of the association to do so.

Now it is final: We are being threatened from within. Once again another member of our governmental entities believes his personal feelings have something to do with the job he was charged with.  Usually when you stop doing something which you are charged to do, or even threaten it, you are fired. However, when it comes to what this Administration is doing in regards to the situation that is illegal immigration, from us being berated on our soil by Mexico’s President to our Attorney General too giving his personal opinion about the legislation in question without reading it, fear that a Medal of Valor may result in Morton’s recent actions.

Already the argument has been raised that the law is unconstitutional because it creates an independent law for Arizona.  In reality however, it can be seen that the law is nothing more than a federal law that is being finally followed and enforced by Arizona, a state that was drowning in illegal activity brought on by lack of a strong border and an even stronger lacking in National support. Hence, I would like to respond to our Assistant Secretary’s recent decision with an amended to a recent comment of Arizona’s esteemed Governor stated to our current President: “We don’t care what you think just do your job!”

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