Hollywood's Religious Double Standard

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Claudia Puig, a film critic for USA Today, recently criticized the new film Sex and the City 2 for being “an affront to Muslims.” However, I don’t ever recall hearing her or other critics complain about Christianity being insulted. And it’s not because they don’t have plenty of opportunities.

Christianity has been a favorite target of Hollywood over the last 30 years. Christians are constantly be being lambasted usually without justification by movies and TV shows. But let one movie deride Islam and someone cries foul.

Worse yet, one cable network recently censored an episode of a popular cartoon show that contained an offensive reference to Islam. Ironically, that same show regularly features material that is insulting to Christianity. I doubt that the network would even consider censoring any of the anti-Christian stuff.

So, why the double standard? I believe it’s due to a combination of fear and liberal guilt. They might be afraid of what some radical Islamic individual or group will do if they offend them too much. Hollywood and the mainstream media have no such fear of Christians, and justifiably so. Christians in the U.S. might whine and complain, but they are not going to use violence or the threat thereof against people who disparage their religion.

However, I think the double standard has a lot to do with elitist guilt in regard to minority issues. It stems from that silly old “comfort the afflicted, afflict the comfortable” mentality. Islam is a minority religion in this country, so therefore it must be given aid and comfort or at least not be offended. Christianity, on the other hand, is still the majority religion, so therefore it deserves to have its feathers ruffled on a regular basis.

However, religious double standards in the media and entertainment industries are not unique to America. They also exist in countries like Iran. Of course, it’s a little different there. For one thing, it’s mandated by the government. Another difference is that the majority religion is favored. The final difference is that this double standard is enforced by penalty of death!

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  1. If it were not for double standards, the Left would have no standards at all.

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