Another Attempt to Control the Electorate Done By Obama…this Time Personally

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           If you are a political analyst like my colleagues and myself you knew firsthand what Obama was going to do to the nation even before Election Day approached. However, even the most right wing pundit was surprised when it began to come out that during his White House term, Obama wasn’t just controlling corporations but also elections. 

           The future of the party and of his power, instead of the nation and its needs, are top of the list for Obama and it seems he doesn’t mind showing it.  However, despite his obvious involvement in the recent revelations regarding controlling the electoral system, Obama seemed to always have a fall guy who really did the acting against our electorate.  From administration members to former Presidents, it seemed the President had electoral Teflon.  In a fact, with comments such as, “nothing inappropriate occurred” despite story-backing emails, many have seen the events fading into the midst and leaving no retribution behind for the White House or the administration. 

           Recently however, he seems to have lost his cover when it comes to recent news regarding the selection of his senatorial successor.  In a recent hearing about the former Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s corruption charges, an Obama emissary stated that on the eve of his Presidential Election the President said he would rather have Valerie Garret beside him in Washington than running for his seat in the Senate. 

           An experientially qualified candidate, Garrett would have made a pretty good contender. However, as we have already seen from previous electoral control actions sure things are the only ones who have a right to run in Obama’s eyes.  The New York Times reported Obama told him he had two criteria for his successor in the Senate: be good for Illinois and be able to get elected.  Before we even were forced to experience his need to control aspects that he should leave alone (corporations, healthcare and our right to have every candidate on the ballot), Obama showed his ability to without worry, restrict the nation as long as it was good for his party’s future.

           Although the charges do involve the former Governor’s “war gaming” regarding the Senatorial seat left by Obama, the testimony and other aspects raise that the former Senator may have kept a hold on his legislative opening even as he began his move for Washington.  Also, while the White House issued a statement declaring that no contact was made between the charged former Governor’s office and Obama, that comment within it carries holes. How could a former legislator now President not be in contact with the leader of his former state?  To blanket the aspect that quickly, declaring no contact had not been made ever, raises flags that something fishy must have happened.

           Nonetheless, Valerie Jarrett, who was politically and experientially qualified for the job, was without warning pushed away from any Senatorial hopes for the good of Obama. Forgoing not only nation’s rights but also Jarrett’s rights, we are seeing now firsthand how much in a self righteous bubble our President is in.  We can only hope that this situation sticks better than the previous ones have stuck to their involved parties, at least till 2012.

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