Recess missing one key demand from the Obama/Pelosi Led House

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            The one thing Obama seemed to pride himself on was that his legislative majority, especially in the house, was behind him.  When ObamaCare was signed into law, it was called a triumph by many of the liberal Representatives who supported it.  However, when it came to actually supporting it on their land via health-care town halls the left sang a completely different tune.

            With so few subjects the Obama Administration and his legislative followers are supposedly handling, one of the top objectives which should have highlighted many town halls was healthcare. After all it was the legislation that finally did an “Overhaul” on a broken system of greed and endangered the lives of Americans daily.  However, despite a letter from the Speaker’s office asking for one health care town hall from each Representative, few democrats if any held an event regarding the topic.

While a House Democratic aid, according to Politico, “attributed the drop to a decline in the number of constituent questions and comments on the subject” the question of “What decline?” seems to be raised.  With ObamaCare recently making news regarding the beginnings of federally funded abortions as well as companies both small and large reporting a challenging future ahead because of the legislation, lack of reaction seems impossible. 

Almost as if they saw this response occurring, the aid continued their excuse saying that other factors such as other topics taking top credence such as jobs.  The only problem with this (other than jobs is one thing Obama hasn’t even really touched on Stimulus or no Stimulus) is the aspect that factors of high importance such as jobs and healthcare are involved in one another. If a business of a certain number require healthcare to be given to employees, the number of employees will be affected as well as the pay.  If anything, healthcare is intertwined in every aspect of society such as retirement viability, small businesses, and economy as well as importantly again: Jobs. 

This is not to say that no healthcare related events occurred. However, if the available list is examined, all one can see is what Politico quoted being “safe” audiences. 

During the same recess Republicans, the party who should be working hardest considering they are the minority, had not only a larger number of healthcare events but reflected individually their strict plan to repeal it or at the very least assure items within it will be restricted from affecting our nation. 

When a President believes he has achieved something, he tours the nation to promote it.  Further, when a majority Congress practically heads the so-called achievement, they too tout it, especially during their recession. However, it seems that ObamaCare, as well as Obama himself, may no longer have its legislative fan base.   Once again, the Democrats are running from their leader and what he has called a monumental factor of his presidency.  However, no matter how far they run, their involvement in this horrible “leader” and his agenda will catch up with him and after that…it will be November.

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