What the GOP Pledge Reflects and Why We Need To Stand By It

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            When the Pledge to America was first announced, it immediately met backlash from the other side of the aisle. President Obama began a tour dedicated specifically to breaking down the plan’s items one by one.  While to many political strategists, this response may be seen as politics as usual, there are many holes in the argument that show his plans and the plans of his liberal followers may be sinking their own ship.       

           Turmoil of so many levels have been consistently invading within the nation.  As a result, the one thing that the citizens are looking for from their legislature is some form of understanding and unification.  While we see liberal legislators running away when the White House comes to visit their state and the financial team the Obama Administration was so proud of falling like flies, they are not only not seeing it from the current leadership but also feeling the effects of it.           

            Instead of facing these issues, President Obama complains to Rolling Stone and attacks the right wing’s attempt at exactly what he should be doing with his party.  Further, when placed side by side with his own campaign agenda, there are reflections of promises he once made and hasn’t fulfilled within the Pledge’s list.  For instance, since the beginning of his run for President he has promised for transparency in government. However, even before the backdoor deals of ObamaCare and hands off approach toward the press regarding then Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan, the nation never saw this promise close to happening.

            So why is he attacking an agenda that reflects his own plan?  The reason is while it is reflecting of his own supposed hopes; it also breaks down not only his top legislation ObamaCare but also will reign in many of his legislators and his actions.  Once the Republican majority occurs, such objectives as adding earmarks to national security funding bills and bypass Congress to pass financial regulations will be history.  This action was already attempted by his party when Senator Harry Reid placed the Dream Act on a recent funding bill. 

           In the end, a majority of the power will be returned to the people; a place no Democrat wants it.

            Returning to the right side of the aisle, the GOP Pledge to America is not only an attempt for unification but also an agenda to take back America while we still have one through arenas that are despite differences affect each other.  All avenues need to be faced head on at the same time because not only are they connected via the nation but also via their successes and failures.  Securing our nation through anti-terrorism activity will enhance Congressional trust which will in turn affect the economy’s numbers via a confident citizen buyer.  However, while the words show a plan, it’s the action that is going to make the real impact. 

               The bottom line of this pledge is that it’s a statement which not only the GOP should stand by and follow now and after November, but one that reflects the “Change” we as a nation were promised by our current Administration but never received.  Nevertheless, while this is a great blueprint for the nation to be revived but unless it is actually put into action, it’s not worth the paper it’s written on.

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