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Recently the newly elected Republican members of Congress gathered to discuss whether or not there should be a moratorium on the use of earmarks in spending bills. It was a discussion they didn’t need to have. Any and all of the old procedures for determining how our taxes are spent should have been viewed as something to get rid of as soon as possible. The whole system of taxation needs to be changed! Earmarks are just one of the ways that special interest groups are paid off. Earmarks must be permanently eliminated. Their elimination will be the beginning of the drastic reformation of our country’s tax code.

If earmarks are not the problem, then what is the problem? All of our tax laws from the XVI Amendment to the millions of regulations that the IRS tries to enforce are the problem! The solution is to simplify the tax laws so that your 1040 form would fit on a postcard.

  1. Total income  $75,000
  2. Times 1%             x 1%
  3. Taxes due       $     750

No deductions, no adjustments and no exemptions. Everyone’s taxes would be a bill to be paid once a quarter. This person would have an annual tax bill of $3,000. A mere four 4% of their income is how much everyone would pay. On the 15th of January, April, July and October everyone would sit down and write out a check to pay their taxes.

A great benefit of the simplification of our tax code will be the removal of the Marxist/Communist progressive income tax. In his Communist Manifesto Karl Marx wrote of ten measures that would help create a communist state. Number 2 on that list is “A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.” When the state, our government, confiscates wealth as it does with the progressive income tax that we now have it also confiscates our freedom!

Would our Founding Fathers have fought a revolution to create a government that would impose a progressive and graduated income tax on themselves? Would our Founding Fathers have fought a revolution to create a government that got paid before they did? If our Founding Fathers would not have done that to themselves why are we doing it to ourselves? If you want those things to stop it is time for a peaceful conservative revolution.

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