The 2010 Election What it was, what it is & what it will be

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What the election of 2010 was, was the people of this country telling our elected officials two things about their “solutions” to our problems 1) they don’t work and 2) they actually make our problems worse! Government programs in the long run do not work. They are at best a temporary fix to our problems. The primary purpose of the temporary fix is to get the politicians who created them reelected. The essence of the Tea Party Movement is the knowledge that it is not the job of Congress to solve our country’s problems!

Our Constitution was not written for our government to solve our problems!

What the election of 2010 is, is the election of those who do represent how the average American feels about our government. A feeling of being tired of high taxes, of being regulated in everything we do, and of being lied to. We are tired of the lies that a new government program, which is often the creation of another program that will do what several existing programs are already doing, and an excuse to increase in taxes to fund the “new” program, will make our lives better. The newly elected officials won because they know we don’t want more government!

Our Constitution was not written to create a big government!

What will the election of 2010 be? Will it be beginning of the reduction of the size of our government? Or will it be just another Congressional election? The answer to that will be determined by the actions of our newly elected members of Congress. If the freshman class of 2010 stay true to the principles that got them elected then this election will be the beginning of the reduction of the size of our government. If the freshman class of 2010 starts to compromise with the D.C. establishment, the Republicans or the Democrats, then this will have been just another election. We have a role to play in what the results of this election will be. We must hold them accountable for their actions. Those who compromise with the D. C. establishment must not be reelected in 2012. That is our job, as it has always been, to hold our elected officials accountable. They are accountable to us and the criteria by which they are to be judged is their efforts to reduce the size of our government.

Our Constitution was written to limit the size of our government!

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