Michele Bachmann Channels Her Inner Pelosi: We have to extend the Patriot Act to Find Out What’s In It.

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Michele Bachmann had quite a gig going for a while. Attractive, well spoken, sharp witted with a friendly delivery, Bachmann had been a Tea Party darling from the beginning of the movement. Less polarizing than Palin, many considered Bachmann to be the best chance for a conservative Presidential contender.

The first Republican woman elected to the US House of Representatives from Minnesota, Bachmann has spent the past decade propelling herself as a smiling, non-threatening, conservative, constitutionally based politician. 

But as is so often the case in politics, especially in the age of instant messages and Face book profile updates, Bachmann let the “small government” mask drop for a second, revealing the establishment Republican juggernaut beneath. 

One of the issues near and dear to the hearts of Tea Party patriots nationwide is the repelation of any act whose existence is not sanctioned by the Constitution. Top on the list after ObamaCare is the rejection of the Patriot Act. 

The controversial act was rushed into existence under the threat that without it, the country would be over run with terrorist. It represented the largest rights grab in American history. An understandable knee jerk reaction to 9-11, the powers that were extended to the government seemed like a great idea at the time, provided that they were used on foreign conspirators who wanted to kill us. Instead, ten years later, the boarder is more porous then ever, Americans are being felt up by the TSA, and Obama is set to send the IRS into your bank security boxes to see if you have guns, gold and jewels and any undeclared assets. 

Democrats rallied against the Patriot Act on the grounds that it violates civil rights.  But then when it came to extending the Patriot Act last year, many joined the GOP in supporting the extension. The GOP had pushed the ill conceived and heavy-handed bill into existence and were loath to admit that they had gone too far, continuing to support it, despite no conclusive evidence that it has made us safer from foreign terrorists. 

While Democrats screamed civil rights violations initially, the Tea Party politicians rejected it flat out on the basis that there is no Constitutional provision allowing for such a rights grab. Ending probable cause, creating “roving John Doe wiretaps” which let the government listen into your homes of businesses without getting a warrant or providing a reason to a judge, confiscating personal property, and an information quid pro quo with other countries, resulting in foreign governments being allowed to gain information (medical records, financial information, ect) about YOU, the Patriot Act defies the Constitution. 

I know that some people say…”well if you aren’t doing anything wrong you don’t have anything to worry about.” But with acts being passed under the table and behind closed doors that make it illegal for you to grow organic food in your own yard and impending legislation that regulates food portion sizes, gun ownership, and “hate speech” as deemed by the ultra liberals, as well as the ability to take your land and property, without cause or redress, we should all be very concerned about the Patriot Act. 

Some people don’t see the Patriot Act as a big deal. When I hear people who sort of “ah well it doesn’t affect me…..” I always think of that old saying from Pastor Niemoller when discussing the growth of Nazisism in Germany under Hitler.

He said: “At first they came for the Communists I wasn’t a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the Catholics, I wasn’t a Catholic. Then they came for me and there was no one else left to object.”

You may not be making meth in your basement….so you don’t care about the laws that get passed, the laws change – rapidly and under the table – and you may find yourself an outlaw tomorrow. 

Since Michele Bachmann purported to be a strict Constitutionalist, Face book went crazy when she posted this on her wall: Just to be clear I have serious concerns about a complete reauthorization of the Patriot Act, the three expiring provisions I voted for were temporary and will give Congress and opportunity to debate and review them in the upcoming months. As a Member of the House Intelligence Committee, I look forward to making sure our intelligence laws are implemented in a way that reflects our constitutional principles. 

Instead of rejecting the Patriot Act as an unconstitutional document or even letting it expire, Bachmann choose to vote to extend it. Channeling Pelosi al la ObamaCare “We need to pass the health care bill to find out what’s in it” Bachmann essentially claimed that the Patriot Act needed to be extended so that it could be read and debated. 

Thousands of Face book and Twitter followers and supporters of Bachmann were outraged. Today, in an attempt to backtrack and regain some of her supporters, she pledged to battle Michele Obama over her pledge to throw tax breaks for breast pumps and support over breast feeding in the workplace initiatives. Unfortunately for Bachmann, thanks to her epic fail on the Patriot Act, Tea Party patriots aren’t interested.

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