Conservatives Should Thank The Wall Street Protesters

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Liberals have turned their attention to Wall Street with hopes of starting a revolution that will destroy our financial system. Based on their interviews and propaganda, I am convinced that they have no clue why they are there much less what to do if they succeed. They readily admit that they are unable to articulate a realistic plan of action to implement their “demands.” They are simply using “revolution is not reform” as an excuse for chaos. Trying to reason with these committed leftists is an exercise in futility. However, they have presented conservatives with a once-in-a-generation opportunity.

These self-described anarchists have provided us with a clear contrast of our opposing political philosophies. These protesters range from spoiled trust fund baby to vagrants fueled by greed and a desire to use the heavy-hand of government, sustained civil disobedience and intimidation to steal from those who have earned.
These revolutionaries are the base of the Democratic Party. Water-boarding would be the only way to persuade these people to vote Republican. They are the street soldiers Democrats rely on every election. They are liberalism. Lets contrast the two philosophies:

Protest behavior- While the media continues to anticipate the eventual violent eruption at a Tea Party rally, there have been no arrests in two years and with virtually a non-existent police presence. Hundreds of conservatives frequently assemble with no incident. On the other hand, municipalities have to exhaust increased tax-payer resources in preparation of any leftist gatherings. In only two weeks on Wall Street, there have been over 700 arrests.
Jobs- The liberal protesters have demanded “full employment.” This is accomplished in one of two ways. 1) Central planning where bureaucrats decide citizen roles and wages based needs of “the greater good” of society or 2) a fully functioning private sector with little government intervention allowing businesses to thrive and individuals to choose careers based on personal interests and needs of the marketplace. Conservatives acknowledge that some careers are more lucrative than others but there is always honor in a days work.
Income- The liberal protesters have demanded “Guaranteed living wage income regardless of employment” which is code for communism. Wages are based on several factors including education, experience, working conditions, location, etc. Conservatives understand that minimum wage is not a “living wage.” Minimum wage is not designed to be a career destination. It’s serves as the entry into the workforce best utilized by teenagers, transient workers and those getting back on their feet.

Conservatives should use these protests as an opportunity to negate all false accusations perpetrated by the mainstream media and the Democratic Party. Liberals, through their actions and words, are proving that they are real enemies of America. We should appreciate them giving us a glimpse of the certain violence, intolerance and scarcity to expect if they take control of the country. On the other hand, our message has been consistent. We cannot guarantee outcomes but we can protect opportunity.

In 2008, Obama campaigned on fundamental change and finally we have an accurate illustration of what he meant. I guarantee you, this is not what independent voters want for their children’s future. Conservatives will waste a golden opportunity if we don’t use this protest to show what America’s future will be if we don’t stop the cancer of liberalism from spreading. Americans need to understand that liberalism is designed for a few smart people to achieve power by manipulating many dumb people while everyone else suffers. So while, the useful idiots are having fun dressing up like zombies and getting arrested on the streets of New York, the likes of George Soros, Van Jones, Frances Fox Piven, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama have already begun to harness this energy for their own personal gain.

Andre Harper is the founder and president of The Knowledge Movement, LLC and author of The Citizens Guide To Defeating the Mainstream Media. He can be reached at

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