The Obama Press is Shameless

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Yesterday, the media stepped in it again and showed how deeply dishonest and deceitful they are. An open microphone at the Romney press conference caught reporters strategizing how to cast Mitt Romney has the bad guy because he had dared to be critical of the Obama Administration’s weak initial response to the violence in Cairo and the assassination in Libya.

Reporters were picked up by the mic planning to repeatedly ask Romney if he regretted his statement, if it was the wrong tone, and if he stood by his statement. The reporters were recorded saying, “I’m just trying to make sure that we’re just talking about, no matter who[Romney] calls on, we’re covered on the one question … do you regret your statement?” The interview went precisely as the reporters conspired with a barrage of the same question over and over — all aimed at making Romney the focus and avoiding any review of Obama’s lead from behind approach. 

Interestingly, both Obama and the media appeared more interested in denouncing Romney than they were in denouncing the assassination of our diplomats and the attack of our embassy. The Obama campaign denounced Romney first, and then hours later got around to denouncing the murder of four American diplomats. The press was even less timely. And Obama and the press have the nerve to accuse Romney of playing politics!

The mainstream media has become, by and large, fawning and servile sycophants who spew deceitful propaganda for Obama. They are shameful and dishonest. Philip Klein, a writer for the Washington Examiner, reveals the dishonesty of the media in his article, “How the media turned Obama’s foreign policy bungle into a Romney gaffe,” published on Sept. 12, 2012:

“When a statement surfaced from the U.S. Embassy in Cairo condemning, “the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims” and “firmly [rejecting] the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others,” it looked like weakness in the face of the attack.

“There are conflicting reports as to whether this statement — a reference to an online American-made film mocking Islam — was issued before or after the assault on the embassy started. But on its Twitter account, the Embassy later reiterated that its statement “still stands.” Back in Washington, the Obama administration distanced itself from its own embassy’s statement, which isn’t some minor outpost but the representative of U.S. policy in arguably the most important Arab nation. Soon, the Embassy began deleting messages from its official Twitter account, including the one standing by its initial statement.

“This looked like amateur hour, and it also fed into the broader critique many Republicans have made of the Obama administration. So it seemed natural that Romney would release a statement Tuesday night condemning both the attacks and Obama’s weak response. But Obama campaign press secretary Ben LaBolt shot back and said he was “shocked” Romney would play politics at such a time. And the media fell into line.

“When Romney gave a press conference Wednesday, the questions focused on whether it was appropriate for him to criticize Obama at the time he did. Romney’s responses didn’t really matter, because reporters had already decided their narrative. Obama did not take any questions in his own press conference moments later.

“In 2004, John Kerry routinely attacked President Bush’s handling of Iraq when things weren’t going well in the country. And the media dutifully reported on Bush’s foreign policy blunders in Iraq. But now, instead of scrutinizing Obama’s handling of a foreign policy crisis, the media has decided that the real story in Egypt and Libya is a Mitt Romney gaffe.”

The mainstream media is filled with deceitful propagandists who disingenuously feign shock whenever they are caught red-handed and their professionalism is challenged. This is why the press is distrusted by the vast majority of Americans and it is why most mainstream media organizations are struggling to maintain readers and viewers. It is time for Americans to speak up and demand better of the media and hold the dishonest shills accountable.

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