Luckily for Giffords ObamaCare Isn’t Yet In force »

I will preface the following with this statement. What happened to Gabrielle Giffords (and the others) was a tragedy. However, as with most tragedies, Giffords’ situation in particular provides us with a very succinct learning opportunity. 

It’s pretty easy to pass judgment and decide what is best for everyone else when you aren’t personally affected by the result. Over reaching politicians, eager to push their own personal agendas as well …

Recess missing one key demand from the Obama/Pelosi Led House »

            The one thing Obama seemed to pride himself on was that his legislative majority, especially in the house, was behind him.  When ObamaCare was signed into law, it was called a triumph by many of the liberal Representatives who supported it.  However, when it came to actually supporting it on their land via health-care town halls the left sang a completely different tune.…